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Leukopenia ( low white blood count)

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I’m a patient at mayo clinic and I get tested every 6 mos to monitor my MGUS. My IGM white cells are at a low 15…(i believe thats the lowest allowed). IGM’S are said to be the main white blood cell to fight infection. I last took my bloodwork last month, and haven’t heard back if this is a concern. Previously as it has been dropping, I was told it was being crowded out out by unhealthy cells. Im verrrrry exhausted, and look like i have two black eyes. Thankfully no further progression in MGUS…thats all I know. I wasn’t able to see my oncologist after my bloodwork so I really don’t know what they think about this.

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Yes my white blood count is always low and so is my red blood count. I have a doctors appointment Friday for my lab results. Medications can make your white blood count and I do have a med that can lower your white blood count. If you are on meds check all your meds online

Hi @dazlin, you'll notice that I moved your message to this existing discussion about low white blood cell counts in the Blood Cancers group. I did this so you can connect with others like @1nan @kjjjrader @finsmom2018 @virginiaj who have also experienced low white blood cell counts.

@dazlin, are you currently on any treatment for MGUS? Have you considered posting a question to your oncologist or hematologist in Mayo's patient portal to see what you can do?

I have Pancytopenia an this anemia has low white cells and many other cells as well. Just another possibility. Be well. Peach

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