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April 1. He is such a great young boy. I hope he does not have this to face too. My daughter and her husband are going. I am going to ask if I can go.

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@lindagirl I am so sorry for your losses. Your grandson looks like a beautiful child, I hope nothing negative comes out of the EEG, but perhaps something helpful for his future.
Finding a grief group may be very helpful, and if that is not available if you have a family member or friend who know the situation and is understanding that would be a good substitute. I know that sharing with a group of strangers can be difficult, it would be for me, but I have heard it is very helpful.
We all experience grief differently. As difficult as it may seem, I believe it is best to try to resume a reasonably normal life rather than letting grief consume you. I am at the age where I know many women who have lost their husbands and I see the huge difference that can make. I realize, initially that can be very difficult, but overall it will help and I am sure your husband would not want you to let his passing consume you.
Please let us know how your grandson makes out with his EEG. I know that cerebral palsy can take many different forms. Is his primarily physical?