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pseudo exfoliation

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Hello @spinedisaster, While we wait to see if other members are able to share their experience with you I found a couple of associated articles that provide some information if you have not already seen them. I also applaud you for doing diligent research to find something that will help. Has your eye doctor offered any suggestions?

Monitoring and management of the patient with pseudoexfoliation syndrome: current perspectives (March 2019)

Pseudoexfoliation (PXE) Syndrome and Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma (March 2017)

The Art of Managing PXF Glaucoma (April 2012)

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John, thank you for these references. I read everything I can find. One thing I haven't asked my glaucoma specialist is how many patients he has or has had with this condition, because until recently my symptoms weren't that intense or changing quickly and my concern level was low. That recently changed and I'm now being closely monitored for the effects of glaucoma. There's apparently not a lot of choice of treatments but with ongoing research that can change. But because this is a genetic condition no matter what treatment is used the cells will keep being produced. My doctor has mentioning vacuuming or laser blasting, and treating increasing eye pressure. He hasn't mentioned how effective that is and that is why I hope someone responds who has had treatment and can tell me what the results are.

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