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Neuropathy and Brain Neuroplasticity

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Hi John, When reading book two on thee subject of pain, Droidge directed me to read chapter 7, of book one. I did ,, and it was very necessary to understand how it works. I Have a problem with an extremely itching skin. It drove me mad , especially during the night. That night it was extremely bad, and about 3.am I was wide awake, when I thought of what I had read in chapter 7 that day on pain. The princle aim with pain is to ignore it, relax mentally think of something special from, say, your past. I thought I would try it on my itch. I was awake for the rest of the night, and refused to think about it or scratch it. It was very hard going, as was the following day and night.On arising on day 2 all itching had vanished, yes totaly and has not returned. I get the occasion mini itch, but ignore it. Amazing but true, and my balance has improved, though only minimal.