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Low heart rate related to diet?

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Thanks for your response. I actually stumbled upon the term myself and have mentioned it to them, but they are convinced the only thing resulting in my low HR is my diet. I mentioned some more details in my response to @rubywitch67

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Hi Abby……after rereading the posts between you, me and our learned moderator, Justin, I am more convinced than ever that you should seek a second opinion from a cardiologist. Justin asked, without a doubt, the most important question of all……a question I'm a bit dismayed I failed to ask……which is "What explanation did your doctor give you for his recommendation that you stop exercising?" Did you inform him of the readings you were getting from your Applewatch? It's POSSIBLE, since the Applewatch is most likely NOT considered a certified "medical device" like a Holter monitor or Zio patch, that he ignored the readings you were getting from it. I don't know that for sure….so that opinion needs to be taken with a grain of salt. But, it seems to me, at the end of your appointment, you were told….."my heart rate dips below 40 bpm at night when I'm asleep because I am not eating enough and my doctors will not let me exercise." As Justin asked, did this doctor not discuss bradycardia with you? I'm guessing he didn't since you state "you stumbled upon the term yourself and mentioned it to them." The more I think about your doctor, Abby, the angrier I get. As a retired RN with 4 heart surgeries under my belt, the last being less than a year ago when I underwent an ablation for AFIB, my advice remains (even stronger now) for you to RUN to a cardiologist (preferably not one associated with your doctor) and get the correct tests, answers, explanations, diagnosis and any treatment…..IF NEEDED, from a doctor who understand the heart a great deal better than your current doctor. (I am still amazed your doctor, who suspected bradycardia, did not immediately refer you to a cardiologist…….especially since he thought it medically imperative that you stop exercising!) This doctor is NOT practicing good medicine. I WAS going to send you to the Mayo Clinic site for bradycardia, but when Justin already did, I was very pleased. I hope you have checked out the site and have taken comfort in knowing that some of the top doctors in the world agree that there is NOTHING wrong with you. But I am STILL recommending you see a cardiologist since you CAN get reassurance from the Mayo Clinic, but they can't run tests over the internet. A few tests will do more than reassure you, they will PROVE your heart is healthy as a horse! Your EKGS will back this up, your past eating disorder will be proven moot, what will be determined is you are at a healthy weight and probably have a perfect BMI. I'm betting your "diagnosis" will be that we should ALL be as healthy and athletic as you. But there is no reassurance in the world better than your cardiologist saying "YOUR HEART IS SOUND!" (And I speak from experience!) THOSE words will make you run like the wind!
Please keep us posted. Be well, Toots!

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