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Low heart rate related to diet?

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If you are asleep, how do you know your HR dips below 40? That's just me being curious! I have always understood that young, athletic people often have lower heart rates, which is apparently very normal, but you didn't say what your "normal" resting heart rate is. You've said that you struggled with an eating disorder in the past, but have overcome that and your weight is now "normal," yet your doctor is telling you not to exercise as you aren't eating "enough!" Since your EKG was normal, we can rule out your past eating disorder having caused any cardiac issue. So, I'm probably as confused as you are……especially since you have no symptoms. You ask if your "issues" could still be due to "under-eating," and that gave me a bit of a pause. Do you mean under-eating in the past or are you STILL under-eating even though you say your weight is normal? I can't help but feel there is a piece missing from this puzzle. Since you have overcome your eating disorder, your weight is "normal," and your EKG was good……(Not knowing your height, weight or build, I don't know if a BMI of 24 is good or not).I don't understand why your doctor says no exercise….but if it has something to do with an ABNORMALY low heart rate, it seems they should have referred you to a cardiologist. That your doctor just said "don't exercise" without suggesting other tests leaves me a bit uncomfortable. I would definitely get a second opinion and if your insurance covers it, I'd try to see a specialist in sport medicine….but if that is out of reach, a second opinion, in my humble and non-medical opinion, is called for. I wish you the best.

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I don't know if it's very accurate but I sleep with my Applewatch which tracks your heart rate and I was getting "alerts" on it saying that my HR was going below 40 while I was sleeping (37,38,39). My resting HR is around 50 during the day (again according to my Applewatch). Referring to your question about the under-eating, my doctor believes that the low HR is a result of under-eating NOW. This is where I am confused and frustrated because my weight is healthy and I do not feel like I am under-eating. I have received help from dietitians in the past and I believe I have corrected any issues with my diet since my habits of disordered eating occurred. (I used to be quite underweight and have been in a healthy range for a couple of years now.) I guess the thing that bothers me most is that they are only looking at my HR and ignoring the fact that my EKG is normal. I think they are only blaming it on under-eating because of my history, but it just doesn't make sense at this point given some of the things I've mentioned.

I think that you can now wear a watch that would record your heart rate while you are sleeping..

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