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Always run down with MGUS

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@dazlin Yes, I have had two bone marrow biopsies. One was in October 2017, one in October 2019 by two different doctors. In the 1st one they diagnosed the MGUS, but the fine print said it was considered low level of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which the doctor said was MGUS. I had the 2nd done by a Mayo Clinic trained oncologist here in my new state. I also had a kidney biopsy done because we had to make sure my kidneys were not being affected by the multiple myeloma at this point. I had no issues with bone marrow biopsies, no complications at all. If you have questions on that I know there is another discussion that talked about bone marrow biopsies, and I can look it up tomorrow when I'm on my big computer.

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@gingerw , good your in Mayo Clinic. I am too, here in Florida. I'm very pleased with the care, and I really like my oncologist. Seems they assign a nurse, or P.A to discuss labs with me, so I don't always see my dr. I could always ask to see him afterwards. Last time, everything was well explained, so I glad to leave and didn't ask to see him. My next visit in April again will be with another P.A…I really don't like it, but I'll most likely ask to see my Dr to let him know how I'm feeling.
I've had a bone marrow biopsy done in June, so no questions about that, I gave some details in my original post here, but thank you.
I did pretty ok…not a very pleasant experience, but bearable. Only thing, I probably wasn't completely healed when I decided to give my 70 lb Lab a bath…I lifted him into the tub, and that night I was in pain that lasted for 2 more weeks. My fault.
Keep me posted on next visit to dr…I hope for best for you!