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Always run down with MGUS

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@gingerw , I agree, I feel very disappointed about lack of energy…especially when ambition is high and I so enjoy everything I do. Feels very weird the throbbing achiness and fatigue that suddenly hits. I know I have to plan accordingly. I go back to dr April 28th. The dr oversees my case, adamantly insisted I repeat bloodwork every 4 months. Last time, I saw an assistant and he booked me for 6 months. I have discussed my symptoms, but I feel there's not much to help since my labs are stable. I haven't bothered lately. Anyway, it helps to know this may be related. I sincerely hope you beat this, and get well… sorry to hear your in smoldering…will they treat in anyway, or just watch? thanks for sharing!!

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@gingerw …also, I was wondering if you had a bone marrow biopsy…only if you don't mind sharing??

@dazlin For now, we are just doing lab work every 3 months. Because I have kidney disease and the function is about 33% the doctor does not want to start any chemotherapy protocol at this point. The reason for this is that if you start the protocol too early eventually it becomes non effective when you really need it to work on the multiple myeloma. I'm okay with that waiting and watching. If your doctor wants lab work every 4 months then insist on every four months, don't let somebody try to talk you into six months. That's what happened to me. My oncologist said "everything was stable so let's try for 6 months". When I went back she was so disappointed because that was when everything had taken a turn for the worse. And I knew something was wrong, but she said "no we'll just wait for the next labs".

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