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Always run down with MGUS

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@JustinMcClanahan , yes a day off helps, it's just always whenever I do the things I mentioned I get run down. Almost borderline sick (cold sores) little sore throat. I do come around with a day or so off…meaning I still do my errands, housework, and cooking. Just no big chores, or days out, driving hours.
@gingerw , thanks so much for your reply!
I was surprised you said exactly what I feel about wondering if the energy will hold up. Very concerning to me on holidays since I have everything here. It's best case scenario for my parents and 3 daughters with theirs. I dont mind one bit doing things, like you, I'm up early and eager to start…I just don't understand ther severity of fatigue, and body aches, even my voice gets weak…dont even want to talk. I always push through enough to get what I intended done, but then, that's it. Body pain gets unbearable, until I quit. I also cook dinners early, by 1-2 pm.
I basically eay healthy, lots of greens, fish, chicken. Take multi and C, calcium at night. I walk about 2 miles, sometimes more with errands, but never on a day I take on a big chore.
Ginger, did your drs ever explain your fatigue, other than the kidney issues…is this a normal occurrence with MGUS??

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@dazlin My MGUS advanced into smoldering multiple myeloma officially in Nov 2019, so I am on a quarterly regimen of bloodwork and specialists appointments now. In fact, I go in on 2/25. It is my understanding and belief that the situation has its ups-and-downs, kinda like a rollercoaster ride. The way we take care of ourselves, and learn how to creatively use our energy allotment each day, is the key. The eating healthy and being watchful, like you said, is important. What was hard for me was to acknowledge that I simply did not have the total energy I once had. So, I had to scale back. That was hard. When do you go back to your doctors, next? Write down your questions and listen to what they say. Each person is different, and it might be the right time for your children to start helping you on all those holidays!

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