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Adult Onset Atopic Dermatitis

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Dear Impatient,

You story sounds a lot like mine. I went through nearly two years of mystery rashes culminating in macerated weeping patches under my arms. I went to multiple practitioners, including two dermatologists before getting the correct diagnosis and treatment. What I was told at Mayo was that I had become sensitive to products that I had been using for a long time. I changed by skin care to Vanicream products: soap, deodorant, moisturizer, skin screen. I had been using the same botanical/natural line for 18 years and discovered I had reactions to oils of many botanicals, shea butter, beeswax, which I hear is actually quite common. I switched to Tide Free & Clear. The changed their formulation recently and switched to All Free which has caused no problems. I found some face products after a bit of trial and error and I am still trying to find hair products that work for my curly, dry hair. I had a barrage of allergy tests that only showed a mild reaction to one ingredient used in suncreen. It is suggested that I have more test done; this time to fabrics. I also changed dish soap to Palmolive Pure & Clear.

I have seen an article recently published in the Next Avenue publication by NPT talking about how adult-onset atopic dermatitis is happening with more frequency. https://www.nextavenue.org/what-you-need-to-know-about-adult-eczema/?hide_newsletter=true&mc_cid=13b0c288bf&mc_eid=724dcaa435 It offers a good overview of the subject.

Find a new doctor. Get some Vanicream and move to non-allergenic products. See if that helps.

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I'm not suggesting you throw the Palmolive Pure and Clean away, just wear protective gloves like vinyl to block the toxins in it. Best vinyl gloves I have found for flexibility, comfort and quality are Clean Ones, pure Comfort Latex Free Gloves which are 100% vinyl. Amazon. I am not allergic to latex but another element in rubber, just because a glove says latex free doesn't mean it is free of rubber.

Thank you, @sandrajune! I'm already using non-allergenic laundry products but will try the Vanicream line and look forward to the article. Have your armpits gotten better?

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