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Hello @puser, I'd like to add my welcome to Ethan's. From what I was able to find, NK-cell leukemia is treated closer to T cell large granular lymphocytic leukemia. It looks as though there are a few different types NK-cell leukemia's, chronic and aggressive, and chronic has the more favorable prognosis. It seems as though they can also be referred to as NK-cell lymphoma's as well. There are many subtypes in blood cancers. @puser, have you learned more details about your daughter's NK-cell cancer? Is the immune suppressant step one or the main course of current treatment?

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Hi Justin – thanks for replying. I did some reading on it on the web but didnt understand the medical details of it. Thanks for clarifying that it is related to T-cell leukemia than CLL. I missed that. I think current treatment is the 1st step treatment. it s hard to tell as when it was first found out in the blood test when she went to ED for high fever, shr was referred to a specialist in a big hospital. she only got to see him once. the next to emergency visits resulting in a couple if night stays in the hospital from the flu, she only see some one from his team.