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Cold feet due to neuropathy - need help

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I have had cold feet for a long time so I always were socks to bed. I now have numbness in one foot I was told by my Primary to see a Vascular doctor. I have been a member on Mayo for a long time but somehow I got disconnected. I want to let John know I am the 80 yr.old had success with Lung Cancer operation and Grandson w/Erythema is on a high dose of Predisone

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Hi @babyur4me, I also have cold feet but sometimes it's hard for me to distinguish the cold from the numbness. I also wear ankle socks to bed and use a heated blanket which helps some. It's cold where I live during the Winter so I normally wear two pairs of socks which helps a little during the day. I have lymphedema in my legs so have to wear knee length compression socks which I think adds to my problem since they are really thin and make the numbness worse. I also saw a vascular doctor who determined the blood flow to the legs was OK and then I had a lymphoscintigram to test the the lymph system in the legs. I didn't have any blockage which is what they were looking for but it wasn't working normally hence a prescription to wear compression socks which helps with the swelling.

Do you have an appointment setup with a vascular doctor? Hope you can update us after your appointment and you find some answers. Here's a link to Mayo Clinic Lymphedema Diagnosis & Treatment page: