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Multiple system atrophy (MSA) and Neuropathy

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@kachris, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It can be a challenge to get to the bottom of a diagnosis. Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is rare. Parkinsonian type is the most common type of MSA and the signs and symptoms are similar to those of Parkinson's disease.

You posted your message in the Neuropathy group, so I was wondering, are you also experiencing peripheral neuropathy? What symptoms led you to seek a diagnosis?

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Good morning . I don’t know if it’s Peripheral pain or not. I think it’s the ulnar nerve based on the location. I have however had vertigo testing that stated CNS ‘weakening’. I have every symptom of Parkinson but the shakes. Main symptom is my lack of balance. It’s gotten so i can fall forward, sideways or forward. I know I’m safer in a wheelchair but….. I keep trying to walk. I drag my feet when I step and my steps are small. My hand writing is also gotten small. I have double vision & my left eye waters almost constantly now. I drool at night now. DAT Scan revealed low dopamine in the right side of my brain. But an inexperienced crew performed the test. My left arm is almost useless now and I barely swings when I walk. I fell like I weigh a ton and can barely rollover in bed. Neurologists make quick assumptions based on the walk, like MS, Parkinson, MDA, PSA ( Progressive Supra nuclear Palsy) & now Hydrocephalus. Virginia claims they cant narrow my diagnoses down & my primary care Dr has referred me to Mayo which should be able to narrow it down. I pray for a miracle.

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