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Hi, @144000 – I'd like to add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect and also invite into this discussion @lakelifelady @dawnpereda @gardeningjunkie @jakedduck1 @mamacita for their input into your situation with the TBI, potential fibromyalgia, rash and seizures.

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I was in a catastrophic car accident in 2015 and among many other injuries, I suffered a TBI and have not been the same since. Every day is a new struggle with persistent dizziness, fatigue, a lurch to the left sometimes whenI walk and it feels like I have Bobblehead. Bright lights, noise and crowds having divergent conversations give my brain an overload and it feels like my head swells to two times it's size, tinnitus starts and I have trouble focusing my eyes. Sometimes I see a jagged halo where I must rest and drink caffeine. A silent migraine it is called. Recently I began to feel drenched in sweat but my skin is dry. There are other symptoms but too many to go into here. I attempt to maintain as normal a life as possible but mental and physical fatigue always is a consideration.