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I was not the only one with concerns. One of my relatives who was a nurse recommended a mask – specifically a N-95. When I arrived at the ceremony 2 of my expectant relatives were wearing the masks and offered me one also. I declined and took a different approach. I arrived with a supply of nitrile gloves and a small vial of hand sanitizer. They came off early in the day and I found that if I shoved my hands in my coat pockets everyone figured out what was going on. I only offended one person when the hands went in the pockets when he extended his hand. Someone quickly jumped in and explained the circumstances and all was good. I did however avoid the buffet style meal they had laid out on banquet tables. I loved seeing everybody and I’m glad I went but I rue the fact it was a funeral that brought everybody together.

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@des46893 sounds like you navigated the services well. I also always feel bad that it takes a death to get us all together. We were close to our cousins when we were young but now that’s the only time we see them.

@des46893, I knew in my heart that you would find a way to manage this situation in a manner that would work for you. Who could have guessed that you would have had so much support from your relatives. I think that it is a real eye-opener to learn that there are others who share 'our' germ avoidance.

Hopefully no funerals in your immediate future, but do you feel more confident for the next time you might be confronted with another large social gathering?

Did you find an opportunity to view any of the links that colleenyoung provided?