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@helenfrances thank you for the encouragement! I’m on day 6/10 of my second cutdown, now taking .5mg/day split into two doses, so far it has all been manageable, there is some increase in anxiety for me but mainly just in the mornings when my cortisol levels are high, thank you for the kind words and your inspirational story! it means a lot!

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NJP: You will establish a routine of when you take each half. I find that I take the second half before I go to a meeting or perform in a choir: performance anxiety?
Strange, because I did a lot of public speaking years ago. Life is a puzzle.
Don’t get “stuck”! Persevere. You will be stronger… and humble …what a gift. 💝

Stay the course! Try to be socially active.. take small steps… you will surprise yourself! I was out and about shopping, haircut, etc. and all was well. I did not think of myself, med or tremor…. don’t think I had one!
I tried to focus on others. I could write a book about the young people who talked to me about their future college plans, about a worker who was absent and why, an elder who needed help shopping, the beautician who told me about her children’s school .

It really helps ME to listen to others.
Let me know if you do the same or what makes you focus on something other than our challenges!

Let us know how you are doing. This is a time of stress, but we are strong.
I think of our ancestors who came to this country and built a new world.
Carry on! We are stronger than we sometimes know💪 helen

How are you doing in your taper?

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