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Total Pancreatectomy

Pancreatic Cancer | Last Active: Oct 22, 2020 | Replies (17)

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Thank you for responding! It helps to not feel so alone throughout this! I’m happy you were approved for disability! They denied me my first time and said I should be able to work while seated (even though I lost my job because I had three seizures due to low blood sugar). Unfortunately I applied for disability after my surgery so I’m in remission right now so they won’t approve me under having pancreatic cancer because I’m in remission. It’s beyond frustrating. I am going to try introducing small and easy exercises to my daily routine to see if that helps, typically even sweeping my kitchen will make my sugar drop (no matter how I eat beforehand) and my fatigue/weakness takes over and I have to sit down. I try not to complain but I definitely miss my old life and my old body but people like you that show me it is possible to live a fulfilling life, keeps me going! So thank you again 🙂

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I am a 22 month survivor after Whipple surgery at Jax Mayo. I also am a retired lawyer. When I was actively practicing law I represented a few clients in disability issues. It was my experience that Social Security Disability employees almost always denied a claim on first filing but almost always approved it on re-filing. While you and I are at the moment in remission, we still have many issues from the surgery, chemo and radiation,which are a direct result of the cancer. You might want to consult a social security disability attorney to review your case. In my day, the lawyer did not charge a fee unless he or she was successful in getting the benefit approved.
I hope and pray that you and I both continue in remission. With some adjustments we can continue with our lives.