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Total Pancreatectomy

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Thank you so much for responding! My stools vary but sometimes they are very oily with diarrhea and it feels like I do need more Creon. My GI Specialist let me try “Zenpep” last month and he had me stop the Creon at once and replace it with the Zenpep. I was extremely sick for 3-4 days and I decided to go back on the Creon. He switched me because I think the Creon upsets my stomach often. I actually have an appointment tomorrow with my GI and I will bring up the powder packets too. I am open to anything! And I believe you’re right about it not being Gastroparesis since the Pyloric Valve was removed. My doctor didn’t seem too educated on people who had a total pancreatectomy and removal of the duodenum. I’m hoping I’m wrong and that tomorrow goes well! Thank you again for your reply!

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@luckyone4321, You're welcome. I know how difficult it is to find a doctor and/or gastroenterologist that's knowledgeable in patients who have had Total Pancreatectomies, Whipple Procedure surgeries and/or Distal Pancreatectomies. I changed gastroenterologists after I underwent the Whipple. Through many phone calls & inquiries, I finally found a knowledgeable gastroenterologist & am very happy with him! You may want to seek a second or third consult opinion until you find a good gastroenterologist.

I haven't tried Zenpep, but I have a friend who takes it. He told me it works a bit better for him than Creon. You should ask your doctor tomorrow about increasing your Zenpep dosage, as I'm sure it will help you. Keep us posted on your visit tomorrow, okay? I hope your visit goes well!💜