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Total Pancreatectomy

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It's unlikely that you're experiencing gastroparesis if the surgeon removed a portion of your stomach & pyloric valve (at the base of the stomach).

Have you noticed anything odd or different about your stools (i.e. diarrhea which consists of: smelly/odorous, floating, pale colored, oily/greasy, stools that stick to the toilet bowl and/or stools that are difficult to flush)? If so, then you're experiencing Dumping Syndrome. You should discuss with your gastroenterologist and/or pancreatic specialist about increasing your dosage of Creon. It sounds to me that you're not taking enough with your meals/snacks. For example: I've been taking Creon for the past 16 years & I take 4 24,000 unit capsules after a couple bites of food & 2 to 3 capsules with each snack, depending upon the size & fat content of the snack. Everyone is different on finding a dosage that will work for them individually. So, it's a matter of trial & error until you find what works for you. An additional thing you should request from your gastroenterologist and/or pancreatic specialist is a prescription for Cholestyramine Powder packets. Mix a packet with 1/4 cup of water or orange juice & drink it immediately before each meal. This used in conjunction with Creon will help bind & form your stools. Best wishes on your continued recovery!💜

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Thank you so much for responding! My stools vary but sometimes they are very oily with diarrhea and it feels like I do need more Creon. My GI Specialist let me try “Zenpep” last month and he had me stop the Creon at once and replace it with the Zenpep. I was extremely sick for 3-4 days and I decided to go back on the Creon. He switched me because I think the Creon upsets my stomach often. I actually have an appointment tomorrow with my GI and I will bring up the powder packets too. I am open to anything! And I believe you’re right about it not being Gastroparesis since the Pyloric Valve was removed. My doctor didn’t seem too educated on people who had a total pancreatectomy and removal of the duodenum. I’m hoping I’m wrong and that tomorrow goes well! Thank you again for your reply!