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I had an interesting - and eye opening experience - with a major depression diagnosed at Mayo Clinic. My (lapsed Catholic) ex boyfriend died in July, 2015 and had a difficult death, but finally asked for a priest (a request which the hospice delayed fulfilling nearly 5 days because he had checked "none" for his religion!) and afterwards, died peacefully. I was sad but did not experience overwhelming grief -- yet six months later, I was unable to work due to a heavy brain fog. I thought I was getting early dementia, but my memory tests were fine and it was depression. I had 24 months of therapy but did not take drugs, preferring to use a holistic approach. I went to confession the month after the therapy ended, and when the priest informed me even "thoughts can be sinful" and discerned I was experiencing (what I have since discovered is called a "diabolical oppression") he rebuked Satan and the fog immediately lifted. I was amazed! I had never heard that confession can instantly heal a major depression or that suicidal thoughts might be caused by something other than the usual list. I assumed the obsessive suicidal thoughts would return, but they never did - and I experienced lasting and total relief from my symptoms. I started reading up on this miraculous "cure" and just finished Slaying Dragons (newly released and available on Amazon) - and it indicates that this sort of spiritually based psychological problem impacts as many as 1 in 4 people. I can highly recommend confession as a "cure" for suicidal deep depression. It worked for me and I hope other people can find relief by using it along with the usual talk therapy. I now wonder how many suicides could be prevented by seeking help in the confessional. I personally had never heard of such healing and certainly did not expect it. So I am just sharing that as an option when nothing else works or if you are reluctant to take prescription drugs (as I was).

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We humans are born with 3 overlapping persons - body, mind and spirit. The 3 work in interwoven ways. For example, if our body is in pain, it will affect our brains and our spiritual selves. Many people who have depressive disorder experience pain of some sort, as well. I know that when I'm in pain or I'm depressed, it affects my spiritual health. I've learned that if I ignore my spiritual needs, it will affect me in physical ways.

I believe in the power of prayer and confession. I also know that God is sovereign and has the last say in his physical creations. More people who pray for a miracle and don't see it happen than those who pray and do experience physical miracles. Miracle or not, one's faith in God need not be lost, and God's love and care for us will never change. Knowing that God hadn't abandoned me was a significant factor in my recovery from the depths of depression. I'm delighted to hear your experience of healing.