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So tired of being stuck...

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Mar 17, 2020 | Replies (28)

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@lindakt1tx As you read here there are so many different ways people have found to feel better from there problem of depression. I hope you try different ones or one you may think of to see if this is the one that will help you. Even though Im a retired nurse I dont use alot of meds as I rely on the functional medicine approach . Do what you like to do that makes you happy in your life. This will be your go to when you need it . God bless you

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Ah! This is the quagmire of depression. I don’t anticipate. —pause—. liking —doing much of anything. Do you know what I find to be blissful?! Laying down on my bed. In complete repose. And drifting off to sleep. I do understand what you mean though. There are a lot of societal norms we do that we hate, without giving ourselves permission to stop doing them. I’m at the point now, where I need to replace them with something. And I can’t figure out with what! So much is the result of being the offspring of narcissistic parents. That I failed to develop an understanding of what “I want” is because it was shut down, early, in order to nurture what Others want. So the hurdle I am facing is a truly a difficult one. But I am so grateful to find support from you and others here. At MayoClinic Connect. It IS giving me strength. I can feel it!

Try Kratom! Only thing that helps me with neuropathy, pain in legs! Spinal stenosis!