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Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Mar 17, 2020 | Replies (28)

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@lindak1tx welcome to our group. As others have replied, I will report my experience with depression. There are 2 main reasons for depression. One is experience, that is what have we and/or are now going through that causes us stress. Are we dealing with it a good way. That is where a therapist comes in. I have gotten a psychiatrist, but nowadays in the U.S. that is hard to get. After being with him for a year, he is turning me over to a nurse practitioner. That is the way things are going so I realize I need to accept it and go on to using that to my advantage. I also had depression most of my life. That brings up the second cause of depression, a chemical imbalance due to my brain not properly handling the chemicals that control moods. That is where the antidessants come in. Like you, I became resistant to them. Mayo has done some research and concluded that it is a result of no longer having enough of the medicine. As we age our bodies become less efficient at digesting it. Also we may gain weight. Thus we need more. I am taking about 3 times the normal dose and it is finally working. I have been mostly free of depression for over a year. I realize I still need to deal with how I handle life's situations so I work on that as well. I need to make sure to eat properly, get enough sleep, and not be negative in my thinking. I hope this helps you and please keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Thank you @johnhans You’re post was very positive! And encouraging! Grateful for the knowledge that my older body may just not be digesting enough of the medication. I am going to schedule another appt with psychiatrist to see if we can find a solution. Last time he doubled my Pristiq dose and I didn’t like how it made me feel (headaches). I am a bit fearful of ‘mind’ meds...but if they could ‘lift’ the terrible oppression, as Prozac did when I was first medicated 30 years ago, I would take anything!!

So sorry for all that feel depressed it's all too easy for others that never suffered from any kind of deep depression/ metal illness they label it, yet if you have broken your arm or leg they have time and plenty of doctors and time for you, it's all too easy for them to dismiss depression health is health . It's easy to get loss and alone in a dark hole especially with website and internet let's face you could shut yourself away like bears for the winter ... Sounds great idea to start with . No body to face no issues only your precious thought 's. Truth be told we can feel alone even in a crowd of people. Changing our feelings needs to face our fear of our past what or when where did it start ?! Was it an accident or treble pain from different sauce whether at home or wherever it started pulling back to layers helps first face your biggest fear is it real or phobia ?! Praying helps if that is something you can manage if you believe in a heavenly father just knowing he cares can help if you think about the house had a designer so there has to be intelligent design behind universe ?! That said not trying to stop anyone ideas just if you want to believe in intelligent design that can help you have hope and faith can change bigger things then we are, alone your just you, with help and support your stronger . Hope this helps also I've found gardens help and changes to lifestyle like not eating fast food and sugar that's so refined that isn't anything good to it . Really hope this can help some dear precious ones out there, another thing you might want to check out is ginger root and turmeric (only don't add to milk !!!) Ginger tea is great at healing, ginseng too good for your mind ,balance food's not eating same thing, really helps, set yourself goal each day or month . Baby steps to see how far you have come write down how you feel and what the weather is like anything that made you feel good or not so good , remember nobody is aloud to put you down or hurt you without your say so, write down what you are good at and what your dreams are , one step forward sometimes two back just start over, don't take the blame for what others put on you ,YOU don't have to carry their load. ( my dearest precious Son is sports naturist he gives plenty of time to helping dear ones heal ). Just know your not alone you never where God bless. kind regards swift hug from England