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So tired of being stuck...

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Mar 17, 2020 | Replies (28)

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@lintak1tx Good evening and a huge welcome to Connect. I think @lioness explained our purpose and the way we go about it. I remember just one year ago sort of panicking because my foggy brain made it impossible for me to continue with my volunteer job helping the design team build a community center for my "village". And then while caregiving for my life partner, I found Connect and the search for energizing activities that have educational and social value just presented itself.

You mentioned that your Psychiatrist keeps testing new medications. Sometimes that is the best thing to do. It is difficult to find an anti-depressant just meant for you. How often are you resorting to Prestiq?

The depressive feelings about having no value at 62 are of concern. Do you have the bouts of depression even while on Prestiq? Life changes and especially transitions from one stage to another require more mindful attention. Do you feel safe now from inner harm?

Everyone has a gift to share....I didn't think I had one. I can't sing, dance, paint, cook. Gave up crafts long ago. My gift is that of a good "editor" eye.....works beautifully when selecting fabric for the deck furniture.....yet drives everyone crazy when we go to hang wall art and I fuss over 1/8 of an inch.

What is your gift and how have you used it?

Be safe and protected. Chris

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Thank you Chris for the sensitive response. I have gifts. Kindness. A reverence for Beauty, in all forms. And I have skills. What I lack is energy to create a purpose for myself. No confidence. Often and easily discouraged. Afraid to start down a path and find it joyless. I need a mentor. (I taught high school English; I’m a good writer; I speak Spanish; I’m a competitive tennis player; I have an artistic “eye” for design; I am intellectual and deep philosophically). 😊