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This is a double post from another page. It was suggested that I post here also.

Are living organ donors considered high risk for viruses & flu? I don't think we're high risk for contacting it but would it affect treatment making it more dangerous for us?
I am healthy and taking the recommended precautions but with things starting to open up, I expect to be back to work soon (Yay!) with more people out & about.
A transplant nurse at Mayo didn't offer much info besides to practice social distancing and stay away from anti inflammatory meds. I'm not sure if that's all the information available or if it's because I'm not sick and have passed my 2 year mark so am not covered by Mayo anymore.
I hope everyone is well.

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@mauraacro, Here is some information that I have found as i prepare to travel to Mayo for my annual appointment. It does not contain information specific to returning to work, however it does It does contain some excellent guidance for all of us as our communities begin to reopen.

COVID-19 safety: Tips for travel, restaurants, and the gym
Stay well!

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