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Everyone who believes or has been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism should read Dr. Mark Starr's book Hypothyroidism, Type 2, The Epidemic. He explains how common this illness really is, the many symptoms, and also the many diseases caused by low thyroid, including diabetes and heart disease. I found this wonderful doctor several years ago by chance. I had gone to my GP with all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, including no energy, hair loss, cold extremities, weight gain, etc. But, because my TSH, over a several year period, had been in the 4-5 range, she said my thyroid was normal. I asked her what else could it be…she suggested I was depressed, and we could look into treatment! I asked for a referral to an endocrinologist. You see, my own mother suffered from hypothyroidism for years….I knew what I had. And I was right. My Endo felt my neck and immediately diagnosed it…said I had several nodules. At about the same time I heard Dr. Starr on a radio talkshow. It felt so good to be validated. He stresses that symptoms are more important than any lab result. Also, many experts now believe any TSH over 2.0 is abnormal. Dr. Starr explained how the normal ranges were developed 50+ years ago. It is now believed many used in the study were assumed to be normal but really were hypothyroid, thus making the range erroneous.
To Beth…..I understand what you're going through. Please see an Endocrinologist and read Dr. Starr's book. You might also look into taking your basal temperature….it is a very easy way to check your thyroid. Good luck! Oh, and BTW, hypothyroidism CAUSES depression!

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Yes, Kat 3, you are describing my life. I tried pills for my mental status, and quit them in short order when I could not quit working. I told the doctor to give the pills to my husband as he was the one with the problem. Sometimes I report to my doctor that my "lima beans" are back in my neck and he laughs and feels my neck and says nothing. Working on my diet has produced the best results of anything I have tried. My Endo says I must take low doses of thyroid to prevent cancer but the surgeon declared me cured of cancer after the thyroid removal. I know I must lose weight and exercise more. I know it takes a lot of sleep because of getting up in the night for the bathroom.
At last I can say I am feeling better in the morning when I wake up. Of course I want more. Dorisena