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Hypothyroidism Diagnosis

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@mri8191 Beth, are you seeing an endocrinologist? If not then please make an appointment with a really good one. Thyroid issues are very often genetic and if there are members of your family with issues then it is quite probable that you may also have them. I have heard that the TSH test is not always accurate and there are other tests that can be done. Do you know if you have other tests? I presume you have had a TSH test.
I hope you can move forward in a positive direction and get some resolution. You should not have to be dealing with this, and if you are not eating much but gaining weight, that is definitely an indication of some problem. I hope you will let us know how you are doing.

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Yes, a several times. At that time, I only had 1 or 2 family members that had been diagnosed with Thyroid issues. Each time I visit with someone from endocrinology, they want to track my diet so I document it and show them and they see I am not crazy out of control with my diet. However, they start to nit pit my choices like that 1 day I had a coke instead of water. The 5 days a week, I used 1 teaspoon of honey in my coffee and not sugar but they didn't want me to use anything. The time I am invited to a pizza party and have 2 slices of pizza. I even when on a 1000 calorie diet for them and lost only 2 pounds. They concluded it must be my diet and that I also need more exercise. We never seem to go any deeper than this because the basic blood work shows that everything is normal.