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@rneedham1 You sure have a host of symptoms. You will need a really good diagnostician to add them all up and come up with an answer. I know before I was diagnosed with diabetes I would have this:
"-Shakiness, dizziness, sweating, weakness, light headedness whenever I start to feel hungry"

I think that being cold can also be a diabetes symptom but I think that must be something that your doctor would have tested for so presumably your sugars numbers are OK.

I have hypothyroidism but don't really remember what my symptoms were except feeling tired a lot and lacking energy. Many of your other symptoms also sound like they could be thyroid-related. If your doctor thinks you are fine then you can accept that for now but keep a diary of your symptoms so you can have a very specific list of symptoms and when they occurred. The other option is to get a second opinion. If you feel very strongly that your thyroid is having a problem then I would do that. I have had times when I went through a period of being somewhat hyper and I had my endocrinologist order some tests but the numbers were fine. Apparently it was something else in my life that was causing that. Right now I am going through the opposite, I am always tired, but I don't think it's my thyroid. I am thinking it may just be the winter doldrums.

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Has you doctor ordered the micro albumin test to ensure your kidneys are not leaking proteins?
If you are on Levothyroxine it is possible the stuff is harming your kidneys and your other organs.