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My endo at mayo called 2 nights ago. Dr Meeks. He has such a calming manner. I have had very loose bowel movements since my surgery May 7th. He doesn't think related to the removal of adrenal glands. Suggested I see gastro intestinal Dr. I see a local Dr tomorrow. He also said to stop the metformin since my glucose testing 125 and below in mornings. The burning in legs still bad. I guess I am going to take slow and one step at a time. Thanks so much for your concern. I thank Dr Chaichana at Mayo for doing my 2 pituatary surgeries. It is amazing what he can do. I do have much weakness in legs. This is common with Cushings disease. You lose all muscle and I mean all! I am turning 63 the 29th and the bod looks like 83.

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I think after the surgeries and they get your hormone levels corrected you will see a big change.
So stay strong even if it's easier said then done, but I've been there, 22 years, and now have p net, fun!!
I am sure your still just as beautiful as can be, remember we are our worse critics. I wish you well and my prayers are out there for you. Take care. If it weren't for my wife I don't know what i'd do..