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Hi. I have been experiencing excruciating and debilitating joint and muscle pain for several months now. My lab work clears me of any rheumatoid issues. However, my rheumatologist diagnosed me with gout. I was on Allopurinol for a couple months with symptoms only worsening. I stopped the medication because I don't have the other typical gout symptoms. My primary doc, endocronologist, and podiatrist also ruled gout out. I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in November. I can't find a doctor who can help. Nobody seems to know why I have body pain and nobody can tell me if it relates to the tumor. I am ver frustrated living like this. I am just wondering if anyone else out there with a pituitary tumor might be experiencing constant cracking bones and popping joints with awful body pain that affects their daily activities/routine.

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Welcome to Connect, @khauert. I moved both your messages to this discussion and added it to the Brain Tumor group as well the NETs group. I did this so that members could get the full picture and to bring fellow members together, like @ladydove417 @dmedina71 @astaingegerdm @sandysdoves @gemttaz and others who may have experience to share with you about pituitary tumor and joint and muscle pain and body aches.

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Are you getting treatment at this point to help manage the ache and pain? How do you manage it? Might it be related to medication you're taking?

@khauert May I ask what kind of pituitary tumor you were diagnosed with? My daughter was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma causing Cushing’s disease- excessive cortisol. However, about 10 years before this diagnosis she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia- I mean chronic, severe pain.

Check Hypothyriod syndri0me

Same here. Have a cortisol and acth test done for cushings

I was diagnosed with pituitary adenoma and successfully had a large tumor surgically removed almost 15 years ago. For years before my surgery, and years after my surgery, I also suffered from joint and muscle pain. It got so bad I could hardly bend over to tie my own shoes. I was suffering and in constant pain. As a young athletic person, I just couldn't understand where this pain was coming from. I then discovered cold water therapy (ice baths) and infrared saunas! (Also referred to as fire and ice therapy) I found that the combination of doing 20 minutes in my infrared Sauna and then plunging into an ice bath (40 to 55 degrees depending on what you can handle for 5 to 10 minutes) turned out to be an absolute miracle! After so many medications, physical therapy, special diets…I tried it all and spent a ton of money on my quest to find pain relief ( I even got myself addicted to pain killers and ended up in drug rehab) After all those nightmares and searching I still can't believe that something so basic and so simple as cold water therapy has literally changed my life! I can truthfully say that over 80% of my pain is gone! If you want more info you can youtube the iceman also known as Wim Hof. Wim Hof explains the benefits of ice in a much more detailed way, but get this, the rush of adrenalin from the cold also regulates hormones and is said to trigger the same opioid receptors in our brains to act as a natural pain killer! It also enhanced my overall mood and I feel much happier after an ice bath! It is such a miracle! I never have ever posted a reply on a message board like this before, but after reading your post I just had to spread the good news! Take the plunge it will change your life!

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