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I came across your post when I did a google search of my symptoms. I have been having exactly the same symptoms in my right ear for almost a year now. The thumping only comes with noise and is on cue with the syllables of words or the frequency of the noise. Have you had any success getting answers?

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My thumping is my heart beat in my left ear. If I walk faster or pedal my bicycle faster. the thumping in my ear gets faster. Drives me crazy. It never stops, which I guess is a good thing!!!! Must be a problem with a blood vessel somewhere.

I also stumbled across this when i was researching my symptoms. The first I noticed the thumping was about 7 or 8 years ago when I was working in a private clinic where the boss made me very anxious. I would only get it when he would speak during our patient care meetings. Not when anyone else spoke. So, I associated that with him making my blood pressure spike. I only ever had it in my right ear and since then I have noticed it with certain television hosts speaking or my new boyfriend. It is not rhythmic but almost seems like what Morse code sounds like. When I mute the television, it stops; I turn the the sound back on, the thumping returns. I am so confused

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