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Arriving by trailer

Visiting Mayo Clinic | Last Active: Jan 21, 2020 | Replies (5)

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Unfortunately, no one connected with the… "Mayo Campus (?–what's that?)" had, or offered, any help with alternative solutions. We tried. I thought it would be a simple no-brainer thing –but evidently — This being high season for snow birds in the area, it ain't. Had to act fast or risk being shut out at any local RV park. In fact, learned our favorite one, Eagle View in Ft McDowell, was booked. —We just today reserved a two day spot at another one. Them's the breaks.

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Replies to "Unfortunately, no one connected with the... "Mayo Campus (?--what's that?)" had, or offered, any help with..."

It is snowbird season. Forgot about that. "Mayo campus" is the term used to refer to Mayo properties at a particular location, for example the Phoenix Mayo Campus, Jacksonville Mayo Campus, Rochester Mayo Campus.

I'm glad that you got a spot at another RV park. You might consider adding your name to a cancellation list at Eagle View.
All the best with the medical appointments.