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Side effects and benefits of Gabapentin

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I'm not sure I understand what "nerve pain" is. ALL pain is rooted in the nerves that serve a particular part of the body.

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Pain can be caused by nerves which are impinged or damaged. It can also be caused by muscles that are damaged. All pain is transmitted by nerves but there are many many sources of pain.

@lisakeuhl – If you don't know what 'nerve pain' is, consider yourself lucky. I have Small Fibre Neuropathy, and when it is not under control the pain is all-consuming. I experience burning pain in my feet (Burning Foot Syndrome) with occasional stabbing pain that feels like someone is jabbing a skewer into my feet. I have been on Gabapentin for about 4 months – and it DOES work to calm the nerve pain. It does not cure the underlying nerve damage, but it reduces the pain. I can now walk without wanting to cry. I can keep my feet still while I sit. I can sleep without waking up due to the pain, and I no longer keep pain meds on my night stand.

The drug is far from perfect. I have been playing with the dosage, and for the time being I am holding at 200 mg/day – which is extremely low. I supplement with OTC pain meds. My dosage is low because in higher amounts, it has caused night time anxiety – but that did not start to happen until my brother died 2 months ago, so perhaps that is what is causing the anxiety. Time will tell, as I will likely increase the dosage at some point so I can hopefully reduce the amount of OTC drugs I am taking every day.

I have nerve pain in my back and part of my pain regiment I take every day is 4 pills (400mg) of gabapentin daily and 4 (50 mg ) of tramadol Tylenol and 1 muscle relaxer at night all of that helps but still I have pain

Yes, pain is transmitted by nerve pathway. Think about a badly sprained ankle or broken bone, or maybe orthopedic surgery. You have pain: throbbing, pulsating, likely aching and soreness. I had jaw problems which became severe. I’ve had sciatic nerve pain. Think of a hot, searing pain – like a knife slicing through you or being burned on a hot oven or scalding from a hot faucet. Does that help you picture the difference? It’s the best way I can describe it from having been the patient in those scenarios. In my jaw situation, when I woke up from having had my jaw joints surgically removed and new artificial joints placed which including sawing, drilling, etc. Once the local injected anesthetic wore off and I was out of the general anesthetic haze – I hurt, but it was a completely different type of hurting and I could tell the difference right away!

Nerve pain is pain that results from damage to a nerve, the spinal cord especially. The pain may not occur where the injury is but in some other part of the body such as the feet, the arms, or hands when the actual damage is someplace on the cervical spine. Other kinds of pain result from direct injury to a body part and the pain is at the site of injury.

If U every gave real NERVE pain, it feels like you are ' on fire'!! You are correct, those, nerves do carry the pain, when u have pain. Different things, though.

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