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I cannot seem to open a new thread so hope this is not to out of the scope of this one but just had an FMT in Jacksonville, yesterday (because of recurring C-DIFF) and am concerned about whether I should continue to take probiotics or not ? Does not seem to be a medical consensus on this.

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@judik I had an fmt almost a year ago, and my gastroenterologist at the time told me I no longer needed to take probiotics. When I mentioned this to my primary doctor, she looked at me like why wouldn't you? So, I have continued to take florastor and visbiome, (formerly vsl#3. I don't see the harm in continuing them.

I am a Research Coordinator for a C-diff study in Lancaster, PA.

“ Probiotics & diet: No studies have shown that taking probiotics after FMT improves the chance of successful treatment. If you do want to take a probiotic, be sure to ask your doctor for recommendations. Generally, diets high in fiber seem to support healthier bacteria.”