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Hi, 63. They prescribed the Smart Vest to me right away, as soon as I was diagnosed. I didn't use it for about the first six months, but then started using it. Actually, I really like using it. I know a lot of people do not, but I do. I don't nebulize, tho. My doctors have never talked about using a nebulizer. I am on the Big 3 tho. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Trying to kill off those little booger bacteria. I keep my shower hose and nozzle dry and clean ( actually I use a copper nozzle to kill off bacteria). I also stopped using my waterpik. That may sound stupid, but I figure it's just another aerated water source and it's in my mouth….. maybe not a wise thing to do. So, I don't.
Oh, as for the cost of the Smart Vest, I didn't pay anything…. it was prescribed…..I would ask my doctor about that for yourself. See about the possibility of getting and using one. Being as my lungs harbor a lot of mucous, the Smart Vest is to break it up and help move it out of my lungs. So it's a medical device and was covered by Medicare. Hope this helps! Toni

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Hello Toni, I understand your reluctance to use the waterpic but you could make it safe to use by boiling distilled water for at least 10 minutes. Just thinking about your gums! Bill

Thanks Toni for getting back with answers to my post. Also I sleep in a bite guard (one of the hybrid ones). When I take it out in the morning I use a toothbrush and scrub it with Peroxil, rinse and put Peroxil in the cupped side before putting it in the case till evening. I figure that the hydrogen peroxide ingredient should kill bacteria. I know I could just use hydrogen peroxide but I do a mouth rinse at the same time so it's convenient. Comments anyone.

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