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Good Morning,
Yes, we took my son for a second opinion at Mayo Rochester Mn. All previous testing, hospital stays, etc was sent to them before our appointment that we completed over four month span before epilepsy diagnosis in Twin Cities. We brought all medications/supplements with us for them to review what he was taking. On the day of the appointment, they started with an EEG and then we met with a few doctors to really detail out what his episodes looked like. Questions like-Does his head go one way or the other during a seizure? What do his eyes look like? What is the color of his skin? How is he breathing? What do things look like after the seizure? We really needed to think about those things because it happens fast, but dramatic you also can't forget. He at the time was taking Keppra and the side effects were bad for him, so we started transition to Trileptal. That was a miracle itself because we had our son back. They recommended neuro-psyc testing and a more detailed MRI in 6 months. They take A lot of time talking to you about their thoughts, opinions as well as your questions-so have some prepared. Our son was only 17yrs, so we had a lot of questions about school, sports, alone time, driving, etc. We are now with a clinic in the Twin Cities and feel better equipped to handle things as advocates for our son, but Mayo will always be our back up plan if we don't feel right about a situation. We do not regret the time and money for getting the second opinion and review. Even our clinic in the Twin Cities was happy we were going there for the MRI as they are so good and detailed, better than in the Twin Cities. Does that help? I am sure there is more I can say, but not sure what you may want or need. Best of luck to your husband, I hope you get answers and a plan.

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am so glad that you were able to use the clinic to get a better treatment option with the medication. I am hoping to have some information that will make it better for my husband's health and that his quality of life can improve. Best of luck and thanks again!

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