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Do you live alone or is there someone there to ask if you’ve weirded out in some unusual way?
For instance,
sweating when you normally wouldn’t
any change in mood
automatisms (repetitive movements), like picking at clothes or a button, skin, lip smacking
muscle contractions especially on one side only
staring off into space, eyes open wide, not blinking, dilated pupils, any vision changes audio or visual hallucinations like colored or flashing lights, seeing spider that isn’t there etc
Increased heart rate
abdominal pain
unusual head movement
numbness and tingling are symptoms too but with Neuropathy probably hard to tell,
feeling that something is crawling on your skin
feeling sick
If you have any of the above caused by any type of seizure activity you may or may not be aware of it.
Sure your not smoking buddy, lol. check for butts!!
Best of luck,

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Replies to "@iceblue Do you live alone or is there someone there to ask if you’ve weirded out..."

I can ask my husband to keep an eye open for anything unusual, but man, that's a long bloody list! I would be surprised if there was anyone who didn't have some of those things going on at any given period of time….

LOL – No I am definitely not smoking! Although there are times I think I would like to have a cigarette, the benefits of not smoking definitely outweigh any cravings I have, so I am happily moving toward one year anniversary of being a non-smoker 🙂