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My husband has REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD)

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I'm a retired pastor, but I volunteer at church, leading worship from the piano. I had a sleep study done in 2002, which confirmed sleep disorder. I learned after the fact that I had the disorder as a child, but was never diagnosed. Until a year ago I slept with a CPAP machine, but switched to a Bipap machine. We have a good sleep center not far from home. Am I correct to assume that your husband has had a sleep study?

I have similar concerns about getting totally lost in the middle of a song, and I have to read my sermons. I hope the people understand why I all of a sudden fumble for a few measures until I can get back on track. I often forget which verse we're on, and what key I'm playing in.

My wife was ready to send me to the guest room because of my snoring, and even more because I acted out some violent dreams. The snoring stopped when I started using the CPAP machine, but the violence only stopped as a secondary effect of a medication I take – Clonazepam. It's an anti-anxiety medication, but I don't kick or punch in my sleep anymore.

Has your husband received any treatment yet? I hope he does soon. Sleep disorders are behind a lot of health problems, as you already know. Have you learned anything new in the past month?

I see a neurologist because I have peripheral polyneuropathy, but we have never discussed a possible connection between the neuropathy and sleep apnea. Maybe it's something I should add to my list of things to ask about at my next appointment.


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My husband was first diagnosed with sleep apnea, and prescribed a CPAP. We were perplexed, because he had never been a snorer. When he finally went to a sleep specialist, and neurologist, he was told to use the CPAP as doorstop, because he did not have sleep apnea. He also takes Clonazepam, plus 5 melatonin, everynight. This keeps him from getting out of bed, but not from thrashing around, and yelling, during REM sleep. It is interesting that you have some of the symptoms he is experiencing, with losing your place. We have wondered if this isn't a side effect of the medication. I have encouraged him to get on this website. I think it would help him to connect with other people.