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@retiredteacher - Thank you for sharing the "Healthy holiday habits: How to get back on track" link. How did you know that I need that?
I have already celebrated with too many goodies, so I want to feel ready to resume my normal eating and exercise on Jan 2. As I read the article, I felt especially encouraged by this tip - "Think of one healthy step you can take today to get back on track. For instance, if you overate at a party last night, forgive yourself and focus on eating healthy today."
For me, forgiveness and focus are important. If I feel guilty, then I dwell on the problem (too many goodies) and that only makes me crave more. I try to adhere to eating a balanced diet. I also have labs due in late January!

I am going to be extra aware of what goes into my mouth. There- I said it. WIsh me luck!

Who else has read the article? What will you do to get back on track?

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@rosemarya I feel the same way. I definitely have not been a good girl. Since I have developed the severe pain in my feet, exercise is not possible---too much pain with no relief. But, I must get back to my diabetes diet and stop the too many "illegal" foods. I know my A1C is going to be off of the charts when I go Monday, but, I'll just have to deal with it. MY being good won't start until January 2nd because I have New Year's Eve and New Year's Day to prepare our traditional fare. Then on Jan 2nd, I'll have to get back on the wagon. I hope it is moving slowly because with my feet and extra holiday pounds, I can't run and jump on!
Good luck and tight restraint to us both.