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Hello @maui6698
I do not know where you live, however, if you live near a Mayo facility (Minnesota, Arizona or Florida) that would be one way to get a good second opinion. As an alternative, a university medical center is also good. It is important to go someplace that is research-oriented.
A research-oriented, multidisciplinary medical center is important because of all of the different symptoms you have. These types of medical centers often have doctors who can put all of the puzzle pieces together and come up with a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

I would like to hear from you again. Will you let me know how you are doing?

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I actually tried to get an apt with mayo and was denied 🙁 i really wanted to know what was going on, I've been so so many doctors, and they keep saying that they don't see anything besides the issues i know about. and i know in my gut something else is wrong. i didn't feel this awful this time last year. its like a switch was flipped and i feel just lousy