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Keto diet pills. Are they safe to take?

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I have been on a modified Keto diet for 1 year…..The diet was recommended by my doctor…I have been able to keep my weight at 183
for a whole year…I am 83 my mobility went up exponentially, less stiffness,better digestion and the list goes on…
Please note ,I said modified: taking in some carbs for good digestion….I also go to a gym at least 3 times a week…Worth the effort….Lou

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We must be twins lol. I have 3 gym classes a week, exercise daily. Our instructor is an active 79 year old who will be starting a core class aimed at Seniors. He teaches Core to others also. People in my Active Senior Class are mostly in their 70s and 80s and close to 90. There’s a couple currently on a cruise to celebrate his 90th.
I’m 78 and one of my friends is 87. I guess my diet is a modified paleo with limited carbs. The older people may not move as fast in class or have weights that are only 4lbs but they’re moving and trying. They come into the gym with walkers and canes God bless them.
I feel 20 years younger and have more energy than ever. It’s as simple as diet and exercise and working around any medical or dietary limitations. And boy, does it improve your mental outlook. I’m also blessed with good genes and health so that’s a major plus.

Us older people rock. If we walk with a brisk step and stay alert we won’t be targets for thieves. Don’t even try to take anything from me without a fight. I’m a lot stronger than I look…..growl 😡

Fierce FL Mary