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Keto diet pills. Are they safe to take?

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I will summarize my findings hopefully to assist others on similar journeys.
Background: Male, 77, underwent a double bypass open heart surgery, DM2 for 19 yrs
Since April 2018 I have been on modified keto diet (without measuring my carb and high fat daily intakes) and am quite happy with results. I lost 22 lbs and remain at my weght target. Also I removed high blood pressure, beta blocker, ace inhibitor and metformin prescription pills. I remain only with statin because of LDL above optimal, although my trigs were significantly reduced and HCL increased. My HgA1C three month values dropped to 5.7-5.9, from 7.3 in Jan 2018.

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Thank you gi17 for your input….I will be doing my yearly physical this February,the blood tests should be interesting….Lou

I am a 73 year old female. I was put on a similar food plan. For me it’s a way of life. No sugar or sweet, no flour,no carbs, no complex carbs either, which includes potatoes. I’m doing this to not only stay alive, but have a better quality of life. It’s eating to live not living to eat. I have lost 60 lbs. so far, of which is fat not muscle. My numbers have gone down. My A1C went from 7.1 to 5.5 I no longer take metformin. My cholesterol was very high, but similar to yours is my experience also with the triglycerides and HDL. I’m able to walk a little a bit better. Feel better. Outlook on life is more positive. I had so many illnesses, some are gone some better. Their has been damage that may not be reversible, but all and all this healthy way of eating has been a life saver. Too much to put on here. I have A fib, heart problems, Lyme disease. Tumor on right adrenal gland, COPD needed oxygen, diabetes, high blood pressure., also stage 3 kidney disease. They said you can’t reverse kidney disease. I’m now stage 2. All has improved or gone. It’s been about a year or so. I feel great. Of course because of kidneys I couldn’t have 6 -8 oz. protein, I had 3 at each meal. I eat more healthy fat and 8-16 oz veggies or salad at each meal.

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