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Eye bulging

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Hello @donnahector2020

I am sorry to hear about your problem with a bulging eye. As @JustinMcClanahan, asked I'm wondering what other symptoms you might have related to the eyes. You do not mention your age or whether you have had other eye problems in the past (like surgeries or injuries, etc.).

I did find some information on Mayo's website about bulging eyes. Just click on this link and you will see that this symptom can be caused by Graves' Opthalmology.
Here is another link to some information from WebMD,
When you had the CT scan, what area was scanned? Was it the head or the area of the thyroid? Did your doctor say what area of the body the MRI would be checking?

Have you had a consult by an endocrinologist or just an eye doctor? An endocrinologist might best be able to rule out Graves' Disease as they are experts in the endocrine system that deals with thyroid problems.

You might consider asking for a referral to an endocrinologist.

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Thanks for your concern, the blood test was for graves, thyroid and some other deseases that I don't remember and it came back negative. The CT was for the brain and the back of the eyes and it came back negative as well. I am naturally far sighted and may have an injury to the eyes when I was much younger.

So what do you think, should I consult the endocrinologist or do the mri?