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Live Transcribe Problem

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I would suggest Uninstall and make sure you install through Live Transcribe with their active help. Sometimes a program can be installed by clicking a connection obtained through a different source, and that can be a real problem. It actually happened to me the first time I tried to use it. I went to my cell provider (in my case, Target) and explained my dilemma, and tech helped me get it installed correctly.

Had a problem with another app installation, I believe it was DecibelX, and Best Buy geek helped me with that one.

It is Sometimes too easy to add things through sites that create problems with the effect, so I have help with others and make sure I am on exact site to do it.

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Replies to "I would suggest Uninstall and make sure you install through Live Transcribe with their active help...."

You are right. I would never install an app from a website….did that once years ago and desktop Mac got infected…had to have it serviced. I only get apps from the play store on my Android phone or from the App Store on my iPad or Mac..and even then I am cautious. Live transcribe was from the play store.

As for Live transcribe…I do use it a lot with mask wearing but always keep in mind where I am and what Information I am sharing.
It is still a major fail in restaurants and, while I was out of state recently, I switched to Otter on my phone (I use the free version) while in restaurants. Still impressed with how accurate it is and the greater distance it can be used.

I would like to share another phone app called Voice To Text. I find this works well when Live transcribe fails me. You have to hit the mic and it keeps the dialogue until you delete it. Fairly accurate but, with mask wearing, some voices are too muffled.
I think it works on IPhones also.

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