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No improvement with pacemaker

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It takes about 4 mos or more to feel a difference in fatigue and SOB. EF is low so that doesn t help. What does help is DAILY consistent exercise, such as walking a certain amount of distance at same rate every single day, 7 days a week. . And equally important, strength resistance exercise for arms and legs, and abdomen . Your heart needs the CONSISTENT daily walking routine to strengthen its muscle. No matter how slow you walk consistency is key. Same amt of walking same rate every single day. Once your heart becomes accustomed, you can gradually increase time and how fast you walk. Strength resistance exercise is equally important. Same amount every single day. Combined with ideal weight and nutritious eating , no alcohol and no caffeine, should start to see improvement. BUT, must be consistent every single day.

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Mary, Thanks very much. I'm not consistent, but it may help aiming for that. It's good to know that I can walk slowly and it will be good for me.

How much walking do you do per day, or miles