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Glomus brain tumors (paraganglioma)

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Hi @kfs, as you know, glomus tumors are also known as paragangliomas. Do you have a glomus jugulare tumor (near the temporal bone of the skull)? What treatment if any have you had?

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Yeah I have the one by the jugular and the neurosurgeon sent me to a bunch specialists before I was supposed to have it shrunk by radiation. The cancer institute did an MRI before treatment and said it was too insignificant to shrink so we're watching it..last year it was 1.43 centimeters. Its been a year since that MRI and my neurologist said we will do one if I'm having symptoms which is confusing because she said all my issues aren't related to the tumor itself so they're having me see a different neurologist in January. The only reason we found the tumor was because I get vestibular migraines and we were trying to stop the cycle of getting them for days and days without relief. And around that time I was getting a lot of vertigo to the point of falling over and I had to stop working. They discovered that that's caused by inner ear deficit. Currently for the last 6 weeks I've had various degrees of dizziness and migraines are happening a bit more as well as the pulsing in my ears and having more and more slurred speech and a lot of memory issues and using incorrect words and she said that these things aren't related to the tumor.