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vfaye (@vfaye)

Did statin cause PMR?

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) | Last Active: Nov 26, 2021 | Replies (15)

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Hello John,
This is the 18th day of the “alternate treatments” since the Rheumatologist diagnosed me with PMR. I awoke this morning with the lowest pain level in my shoulders since September – a notch above “stiffness”.

I doubted the diagnosis, since none of the blood tests confirmed PMR. Despite the doctor’s recommendation I won’t risk taking prednisone (hypertension, kidney disease, depression — and a plan to have surgery in February.). An integral medicine doctor I trust suggested taking LDN, which I started 17 days ago. In addition (my idea), I have been taking CBD oil (without THC), using CBD salve on my shoulders with heat in the morning, and take a bath in Epsom salts every day.

I continue to feel fatigued, and the shoulders & hips are not exactly normal. But the improvements beg the question, did I even have PMR – or are these symptoms the result of the statin?

I don’t find others trying anything other than prednisone, so I’m pretty much alone on this. I have to admit, the promise of activity without pain was certainly tempting me to take prednisone, so I don’t fault anyone for that. I’m hopeful my condition will eventually be resolved, praying that the one to two years prognosis doesn’t fit my case.

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Hi @vfaye, I don't think any of us diagnosed with PMR like the idea of taking prednisone which is why there is such a push to get off of it once the pain and stiffness is under control. It's great if you can find other ways to help with the symptoms. My first occurrence of PMR lasted 3 years and during that 3 years I was continually trying to taper off of prednisone. Then when off prednisone, the PMR went into remission for 6 years. The second occurrence of PMR put me back on prednisone for about 1-1/2 years before I was able to taper off again. My PMR has been in remission now for about 2-1/2 years and I really hope it doesn't come back. I've added a turmeric supplement to my daily routine to hopefully help keep the inflammation down in my body. Whether it really works or not is another question.

I think diet may play a part in PMR as well as a lot of other autoimmune diseases so I've tried to make some lifestyle changes by eating healthier but I do have my days. Hope you find some answers!

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