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Heart transplant recovery: What to expect?

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Hi folks I will be post heart transplant 25 years this first of June, and wouldn’t you know it I got the flu, from my sweet granddaughter who I don’t blame. I should have avoided her, but how do you do that at Christmas. so watch yourselfs and avoid sick people, other than that doing ok. Has anyone else had ‘this problem lately.

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@chugly11 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are a diverse group of patients, family members, and caregivers. Congratulations on your upcoming transplantiversary!! How have you seen things changes over the decades, in how your case has been managed?

As far as staying healthy during this season, I am providing a link to a conversation that is also part of this transplant group. Anyone with a compromised immune system has to be careful, don't we? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/helpful-tips-to-keep-your-holidays-merry/

We look forward to hearing that you are feeling better!

@chugly11, I am happy to welcome you and to thank you for sharing and encouraging us to try. try, try, to avoid getting sick. I have managed to avoid the flu since my transplant 10 years ago. Chugly, I have wondered how the flu is treated in transplant patients. Did you need to be hospitalized? Were you prescribed tamiflu?

I hope both you and your granddaughter will soon recover from this Christmas surprise. How are you feeling?

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