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Hi @mostlybill – just curious about for how long you tried the bupropion (Wellbutrin)? I'm asking cause I have been on it for years, and I recall that the start of it was a very bumpy ride. I had increased anxiety, too, and was pretty worried about that. I was close to telling my doctor I'd like another antidepressant when a pharmacist told me I'd need to give it quite a bit longer — I think 2-3 months for things to all level out and feel the maximum positive effect and less side effects from the medication. That proved to be true in my case, and things all leveled out in a couple or three months and it was really helpful for my depression.

Will you share more about what your experience with this medication was like?

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I just started Prozac. I’ve been on a few other the last 30 years. They all start out bumpy! And yes do try to ride out the storm. They can take several months to adjust. Most people jump off because of side effects and don’t give them time to work. I will say Prozac has been the easiest to adjust to. Although my anxiety has ramped up. Doc says it should diminish. I’ll be tapering a benzo when the Prozac kicks in. I’m 67 with an extreme anxiety disorder. We’ll see what happens. I’m too old for this crap! LOL!

I really never took any anxiety medication for any length of time. I took three anti-depressant drugs suggested by several different doctors when I discussed anxiety issues. I maybe took four Welbutrin tablets and it made me physically uncomfortable. Extremely. The buspar and Lexapro were ultra extreme reactions after only one pill. Drugs effect everyone differently. This whole class of drugs is now listed in my medical record as an allergy because of the extreme reaction I had. All drugs seem to have a side effect, and we each have to weigh benefit and risk. The goal is to have the best quality of life possible. I know meds can be helpful. Anxiety is not an easy thing to live with.
Best wishes.

Trying Buspar 2 weeks now… not helping … side effects .., bloating stomach ache …. I have had the testing .. no SSRI or SNRI but they just keep pushing them … I told my PSYCHIATRIST was told just keep taking them give them a little longer .. then on to another one … at my wits end …. Mental healthcare I have is not the best .. rural South Dakota

Lexapro has kept me on an even keel for several years, but I stopped taking it because when I learned that SSRI's can contribute to dementia. There is a strong history of Alzheimers in my family, and I am already having some memory issues. I am looking for an anti-anxiety med that is not associated with dementia. Someone told me SNRI's are good for older people. Does anyone have research about those?

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