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lynette1975 (@lynette1975)

Breakthrough seizures after 16 yrs

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Hello @lynette1975

I agree with @lisalucier that it must have been surprising and frightening to have a grand mal seizure after so many years. Have you been taking meds for seizures during the past 16 years?

I can also understand your concern if you cannot see your neurologist until the end of December. Did you explain to them about the grand mal seizure?

I would urge you to find some support for your seizures. Here is a website for the Epilepsy Foundation, https://www.epilepsy.com/connect. if you click on the link, you might find some helpful information.

Would you post again and let me know how you are doing?

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Hi, thank you for responding and yes I was taking 200mg lamictal twice a day during the entire 16 yrs. This was a complete shock. I am currently taking lorazepam because I have so many petit mals if I don't and they scare the heck out of me since I'm scared they will lead to a grand mal. Even though they increased my lamictal it hasn't helped. I still have not seen a neurologist. They want me to see an epileptologist. It looks like I won't be seen until February now 😞 I will keep everyone updated. Thanks again!