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I have feces breath

Digestive Health | Last Active: Nov 28, 2019 | Replies (20)

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How are you handling it

Any relief

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I usually get ahold of my primary doctor and he prescribes me a antibiotic for the SIBO and that usually takes care of it till the next time I get it.
I know they have tests for SIBO but since I am on nexium and Zantac I am more prone to getting it.
My husband has asked me if I’ve farted and I’m like no I just burped. Which gave me a chuckle even though it’s not funny,gotta see humor where I can.
Usually like I think I said I usually get lots of stomach pain and gas and bloating when I have the SIBO.
I too brush my teeth regularly and visit dentist for my checkup and all that.

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